President Jacob Zuma at the ANC's 54th National Conference.
Image: Masi Losi

President Jacob Zuma has called on ANC members to accept the outcome of the elections at the ANC national conference.

"Support the one the majority have supported‚ finish and klaar‚" he told delegates.

He said the fact that there were seven presidential hopefuls showed that the ANC was not short of leaders. Zuma said all the candidates were good people he had worked with.

"I'm waiting for one leader to emerge who I am going to be call my president‚" he said.

"We must all unite behind the leadership collective elected here‚ despite preferences. At the end of the conference the movement must be the winner and not individuals."

The ANC has an obligation to teach people democracy and this is an important event to dish out this lesson free of charge‚ Zuma added.