Kim Kardashian West is studying law to be able to help more people.
Image: Angela Weiss/AFP
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There really is no going back for reality TV star Kim Kardashian West, who is in pursuit of becoming  a lawyer. A report by TMZ states that Kim was recently spotted at the notorious San Quentin state prison. 

She is looking to exonerate 61-year old Kevin Cooper, who has been at the prison for the past 36 years, serving his death sentence. Cooper was imprisoned for four murders which occurred in California in 1983.

Cooper has always maintained his innocence and is hopeful that his case will be re-evaluated with the star's intervention and his DNA re-tested using the latest technology.

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According to Vice News, Cooper was convicted for the murder of two children, Jessica Ryen and her friend Christopher Hughes, as well as Jessica's parents Doug and Peggy Ryen. 

Kim said she believes Cooper is an honest man who was framed for the murders. 

Mary-Ann Hughes the mother of Christopher Hughes,  told TMZ that the thought of reliving her son's murder "makes her sick to her stomach" and accused Kim of causing her and her family pain. 

In April, Kim told Vogue that while she has successfully helped in getting former prisoners clemency, she believes she could help a lot more people if she had a much better understanding of the system. 


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