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When a tourist recently visited the Kruger National Park, the last thing they expected to see on a game drive was a wild food fight between a lion and a leopard.

According to Latest Sightings, the epic encounter happened at Londolozi Game Reserve last week.

In a video posted to their YouTube channel, a leopard can be seen up a tree, eating, when a pride of lions approach.

One brave lioness decided to try her luck and scaled the tree to get to the leopard’s lunch.

What followed was a massive food fight with the leopard and lion fighting over the meat.

Eventually, the branches they were on snapped, bringing them both down with them, and giving the leopard a chance to escape.

The incredible sighing drew tons of reactions, with some calling it a wildlife action movie.

“Holy s**t! That’s straight out of an action movie for the animals. Leopard be like, the only place I thought I’d be safe and the lions are invading that too,” wrote Soumalya Chakraborty.

Another user described it as “once in a lifetime footage”.

“Like thunder cracking across the sky, a fall of cat-aclysmic proportions,” joked Saffron Chadwick-Williams.

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