Moonchild says she has security to stop thirsty men from jumping on stage with her.
Image: Via Moonchild's Instagram
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Midnight Starring hitmaker Moonchild Sanelly has entered a new level of stardom with the success of the song, so much so that she's had to beef up security security to help keep thirsty guys and stalkers at bay.

The artist, who will be performing at the Red Bull Music Festival in April, told TshisaLIVE that she has to wear a different coloured wig when going out so she doesn't get mobbed by fans.

"I have a bread buying wig now that I wear sometimes. If I want to go out, to the bank or to the shop, I have to wear it," she revealed.

Moonchild is one of several artists, including Trompies, Oskido and DJ Tira, who will light up Jozi at the upcoming Red Bull Music Festival. She said that fans could expect her usual energy with a surprise or two.

"I am incredibly excited about the show. It is going to be filled with crazy energy. I will be playing some of my biggest hits but most of all, fans can expect some freedom. My music is all about freedom and I am excited to show that again on the Red Bull stage."

As her stardom rises, Moonchild said she has been struggling with stalkers, with one in particular pestering her for years.

"They are so invested in this. This guy started a fake account and would stalk and message me. The worst thing is you see them in your DMs but you don't know when they will show up or if they are at your shows watching you. You are so scared. I don't block so now they see my manager's number on my account and, assuming it is me, message her all that."

Moonchild has never been scared to flaunt her body or speak about sex, and said she had to get security for her own protection. 

"With my aesthetic it is very necessary to have security. Boys get crazy when they see a naked woman on stage and don't even hear what they lady is saying . I am not about to get hot flushes on stage because some idiots don't know their boundaries."

In fact, when it comes to sex, Moonchild has become a social media sage, dishing out sex advice like roses on Valentine's Day.

"I would love to have my own TV or radio talk show about sex, but my schedule is too hectic to kind of start it myself. It would be great to be offered the opportunity. It's important for us to talk about it otherwise women won't know what it is that will pleasure them. It is taboo for so many people and you have conversations with people who don't know what an orgasm is. I would love to be part of a show that liberates people sexually. "

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