Actor Sipho Manzini plays the role of Mjekejeke aka Bra Jakes on 'The Queen'.
Image: Via The Queen

If we have learnt one valuable lesson this week, it is that no one should mess with The Queen's Kagiso because the dude is pulling moves like Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Detective Vee was on a case trying to get the 411 on Kagiso when Bra Jakes and Schumacher told her about the man's super powers.

The pair weren't even there when Kagiso risked his life to save everyone from Diamond but they were all too happy to share how Kagiso had ducked, dived and roundhouse kicked his way to victory.

Vee didn't seem impressed by the statement but the Twitter streets were hosing themselves with laughter at the pair.

Ladies and gentleman - this is leadership!

Meanwhile the streets think that Kea should get Caster Semenya's gold medals after she chased a taxi carrying an injured Diamond.