Lady Zamar hit back.
Image: Instagram/ Lady Zamar
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Lady Zamar has hit back at claims that she is “preoccupied” with her acne and it wouldn't be such a big deal if she didn't keep drawing attention to it.

The star has been candid about her struggles with acne after being bullied for her condition.

Her skin problems were a topic of dinner table and watercooler discussions in August when a video of Babes Wodumo mocking Lady Zamar's acne during an appearance on Idols SA went viral.

“You're busy laughing at this child on Idols and your face is like this,” Babes was heard saying on the video.

Lady Zamar later wrote a lengthy post about her struggles and revealed that she was undergoing treatment for it.

She brought the topic back into the spotlight recently when she took to Twitter to warn the haters that she is going to show them flames when she comes through with clear skin again.

“Y’all will be eating crow when this phase in my life ends and I’ve got perfect skin again.. Understanding and accepting every stage of my life living fully,” she wrote, next to pictures of herself.

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While many applauded Lady Zamar for the message, others told her to ignore the hate and not worry herself with what people say about her.

One follower even claimed that it was taking all her energy and she was preoccupied with it. He said that most people only noticed when she started posting about it and if she was not bothered by it, others wouldn't be either.

Lady Zamar hit back at the suggestion and set him straight, telling him that the problem started when other people started posting about her.

Although she didn't go into detail about the incident she was referring to, the musician was teased both during her time on Idols SA and for her appearance in an Instagram picture with Prince Kaybee in July. 

Social media users zoomed in on her acne in the picture and posted the image on Twitter.

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