Nadia Nakai and Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes had been dating for more than a year when he was shot dead in Durban.
Image: Instagram/Nadia Nakai
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Nadia Nakai has shared a message her late boyfriend AKA sent to her days before his death.

Kiernan “AKA” Forbes was shot dead on February 10. His murder is still being investigated.

Nadia, who has been open about struggling to pick up the pieces after the rapper's death, took to Instagram stories to share a WhatsApp conversation between her and AKA in which he encouraged her in her work.

Nadia said looking back at the messages gave her comfort. 

“Every time I feel nervous, I'm going to read this. I miss you,” she wrote.

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Nadia Nakai's Instagram story.
Image: Instagram/ Nadia Nakai

This is not the first time Nadia has revealed WhatsApp messages with AKA.

In early March she shared her last WhatsApp conversation with him in which she implored him to stay safe during his trip to Durban for a gig and in which they expressed their love for each other.

Having taken a short hiatus to mourn the death of her partner, Nadia recently returned to work, supported by friends, family and fans.

Taking to her social media timeline on Monday, the rapper said the love and support she had received had assured her she would be OK.

“Thank you to everyone who supported me as I went back to work. I am grateful for what people did for me to make sure I’m OK.

“Sometimes I feel I’m undeserving of the support, the messages, the hugs and love from my friends, family, fans, as well as the venues I worked this weekend. It really gave me hope that I will be OK ... There are so many genuinely good people out there and I’ll never take it for granted. Thank you guys!”

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