From cleats to luxury sneakers, Dayimani reboots Hibacci brand

Stormers flanker Hacjivah Dayimani is making a fashion comeback with his Hibacci luxury sneakers

20 October 2023 - 15:21
By Thango Ntwasa
'We're back, baby,' says Hibacci head honcho, Hacjivah Dayimani.
Image: Supplied 'We're back, baby,' says Hibacci head honcho, Hacjivah Dayimani.


While famed for his thrill-a-minute play on the rugby field, Stormers flank Hacjivah Dayimani is looking to further his love for flair in the world of fashion.

With a rebooted approach to their manufacturing processes since first coming into the market, Dayimani and his partners are relaunching the Hibacci sneaker brand they founded in 2019.

The brand halted production during the Covid-19 outbreak as a direct effect of its overreliance on imported materials. This disrupted the manufacturing process at a time when the shoe was in high demand.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to put in front of our supporters and lovers of Hibacci a high-quality, hand-finished range of sneakers that’s perfect for both the classic and whimsical yet discerning client who appreciates locally crafted goods,” said Dayimani's business partner Bheka Dlamini.

In a recent press statement, the brand proved to embrace a local is lekker approach by stepping away from imported materials to investing in local production, creating employment opportunities in the process. They now source fine leather from Cape Town and complete their manufacturing in a factory the business has partnered with in Gauteng.

“We are working with a team of 15 designers and shoemakers — which is big for us; coming from the brink of bankruptcy to creating meaningful jobs that improve the livelihoods of citizens. This team is responsible for bringing our vision and shoes to life, ensuring the highest quality of design and production,” Dayimani explained of the young brand.

Hibacci's new look.
Image: Supplied Hibacci's new look.

In its latest release, Hibacci has reconceptualised its style ethos with sleek colourways and for styling in different occasions.

“It was really looking bleak for a second but we’re back, baby! You can’t beat the African spirit of resilience that resides in all of us. We’ve really taken stock, digested the learnings from our first release, cemented our credentials and we’re proud of the product that our valued clients will see from Hibacci. I can’t wait for them to experience the brand!” said Dayimani.