Car shopping simplified:’ inspection reports guarantee peace of mind

Buy a new or pre-owned car without the worry of any unpleasant surprises down the road

02 February 2022 - 10:38
By Reuben Van Niekerk is where you can shop for new and used vehicles, hassle free.
Image: Supplied/ is where you can shop for new and used vehicles, hassle free., supported by Motus Ford (previously Imperial Ford), is a digital platform where you can shop for new and used vehicles, stress free.

This website offers all the cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles available from 340 Motus dealerships at a single online location.

Not only does this make shopping on convenient, but because you’re dealing with one of SA’s largest dealer groups, you’re assured of a completely transparent sales process. This means no private sellers, no surprises, a guarantee that the vehicle has not been stolen or rebuilt, and full disclosure.

In other words, you’ll know as much about a car as the seller does — especially now that has introduced a new feature: independent vehicle inspection reports.

Before listing cars for sale on the website, Motus dealers ensure the vehicles in question are tested by Dekra, a leading independent supplier of roadworthy certificates and technical inspections.

Dekra’s SA operation is a joint venture with parent company, Dekra Germany, which was established in 1925. The enterprise operates in 27 European countries as well as the US, Brazil, China and Morocco.

A Dekra report highlights any special options that a vehicle may be fitted with, while also making you aware of any imperfections

Before issuing a report, Dekra technicians subject each car to a stringent road test and use their vast experience to assess engine performance, the steering and brakes, as well as to verify that the vehicle does not show signs of unexpected noises, vibrations or mechanical problems.

That said, this report is more than just a roadworthy test.

Dekra’s thorough inspection process includes expert technicians checking everything from the engine, brakes and suspension, to the electrics and individual components throughout the vehicle. The latest diagnostics technology is used to check for any potential hidden faults and diagnose their exact cause, if necessary.

Naturally, a Dekra report ensures that a vehicle is not stolen or rebuilt and that there has been no odometer tampering. 

This report highlights any special options that the vehicle you’re interested in may be fitted with, while also making you aware of any imperfections. This guarantees that you know exactly what you’re getting — a reliable car with no unpleasant surprises down the road.

Best of all, these reports are free, as part of’ commitment to ensure that all the stock listed on its website is of the highest quality.

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