WATCH | Volkswagen competitor seriously injured in Kyalami race

Michael Zapheriou rushed to hospital after hitting wall in Volkswagen Challenge

15 April 2024 - 11:42

Racing driver Michael Zapheriou was seriously injured in a crash at Kyalami on Saturday.

Competing in the Pabar Volkswagen Challenge at the Extreme Festival event, Zapheriou crashed heavily into a wall on the opening lap of the second heat.

Heading into the fast kink behind the Kyalami pits, Zapheriou’s Polo Vivo snapped sideways, speared across the track and slammed head-on into the wall at high speed. The car bounced back onto the track where it was hit by two other competitors, neither of whom was injured.

The race was stopped and Zapheriou extracted from the wreckage and rushed to Sunninghill Hospital.

“Michael underwent emergency surgery on Saturday evening and remains in ICU in an induced coma in a serious but stable condition before further assessment,” VW Challenge chairperson Philip Croeser said.

“On behalf of all of motorsport and the Pabar VW Challenge, we wish Michael a speedy recovery as we keep him, his family and friends in our prayers.”

The race was not restarted after a lengthy cleanup.