Gauteng EMS calls on armoured vehicle ‘Mfezi’ to respond to emergencies

14 July 2021 - 13:44
By iavan pijoos AND Iavan Pijoos
Gauteng EMS called on armoured vehicle ‘Mfezi’ to respond to emergencies.
Image: Joburg Health Gauteng EMS called on armoured vehicle ‘Mfezi’ to respond to emergencies.

Gauteng emergency medical services (EMS) was forced to use its armoured vehicle “Mfezi” to respond to calls in the province earlier this week after violence and lawlessness broke out.

“The volatile environment has seen the people of Gauteng struggling to get to their places of employment due to limited access, and services being disrupted across the province.

“Some provincial government services, including vaccination sites in the affected areas, had to temporarily close [on Monday] due to safety concerns for staff and members of the public,” said Gauteng government spokesperson Vuyo Mhaga.

Mhaga said the violence also affected emergency services responding to distress calls in communities due to limited access.

He urged communities to protect their emergency services.

“The situation is being assessed by provincial law enforcement agencies who are being assisted by military.”

He said hospital admissions continue to increase and are placing a heavy strain on the healthcare system in the public and private sectors.

“As Gauteng and the country are still in the midst of a deadly pandemic, the provincial government remains concerned at the potential spread of Covid-19 during such super-spreader events.

“The provincial government appeals to the people of Gauteng to act responsibly and desist from lawless acts that result in disruptions of much needed services by the citizens of Gauteng.”