Twin sisters sued by their alleged rapist

24 February 2021 - 10:34
By TimesLIVE
A screenshot of twin sisters Verity and Lucy from their BBC interview.
Image: Screenshot A screenshot of twin sisters Verity and Lucy from their BBC interview.

British twin sisters Verity and Lucy have been silenced by the man they claim raped them.

BBC reported the twins alleged they were both sexually assaulted by the man they knew,  but their case was dropped by the police.

They then named the man on social media posts in which they shared their alleged rape ordeal.

In the interview with BBC, the twins said they posted on social media to warn others and maybe get some sort of justice.

The man denied the allegations and went to court to stop the two from talking about what had happened.

All three reached a settlement that allows the twin sisters to share their ordeal but not name their alleged perpetrator. 

In 2019, some victims of sexual attacks in SA took to social media to name and shame their alleged perpetrators. A social media expert warned against this in a TimesLIVE report.

“If someone finds their name on a naming and shaming list or is accused of a sexual offence on social media, they have a few options available,” social media law expert Emma Sadleir said at the time.

“If they know who is behind the account, they could take legal steps – in particular, they could sue for defamation, lay a criminal charge of crimen injuria (infringement of dignity) and/or obtain a protection order under the Protection from Harassment Act.”