Four quotes from Julius Malema after Riotous Assemblies Act judgment

05 July 2019 - 10:30
By Unathi Nkanjeni

EFF leader Julius Malema says people in SA are scared to speak out because they will get arrested.

Malema was speaking outside the high court in Pretoria on Thursday following the dismissal of his application to have the Riotous Assemblies Act declared unconstitutional.

He said that if the silencing of the opposition continues, there will soon be no more opposition.

Here is Malema's speech in four quotes:

Political speech suppressed 

"The court must guard jealousy, the constitution and the political speech. Let the political speech not be suppressed in SA ... people are scared to speak because if you speak you get arrested."

Act unconstitutional 

Malema said while the party respects the court's ruling, they still believed the act is unconstitutional.

"We are saying the whole act is unconstitutional in the sense that it doesn't have a place in a democratic SA. It was passed in response to the Freedom Charter."

Remember Freedom Charter

He said the Riotous Act used to charge him criminally was a demonstration of the ANC's reluctance to deal with the land question.

"Remember the Freedom Charter says you shall occupy the land wherever you wish to do so. Then in response they passed the Riotous Act to say anyone who does that or anyone who incites people to do that will be arrested and sentenced the same way as those who have occupied the land."

Act to charge me

Malema said the Pretoria high court ruling on the constitutionality of the act was actually a victory.

"You take a particular saying in the act to charge me, and we said that section is unconstitutional and the court agrees with us but also argues that in its entirety, it is not unconstitutional."

Used condom

He also joked about the recent Daily Maverick article alleging the EFF's trash left behind after a weekend at a Camps Bay guesthouse.

"You know, a used condom, wrapped in a packet, can you imagine opening that?

"After they've gone through used condoms, they're going to start peeping through windows to see how many rounds you last in bed."