LISTEN | 'We must abolish borders that separate countries in Africa': Malema

09 November 2023 - 14:00
By Thabo Tshabalala
EFF leader Julius Malema. File photo.
Image: EFF media/Twitter EFF leader Julius Malema. File photo.

EFF leader Julius Malema says borders between African countries need to be abolished.

He was speaking at the launch of the Pan African Institute in Kenya on Thursday. 

Malema said the reason most people in Africa leave their countries is lack of economic development. 

“There are no countries on the African continent that have gained full economic emancipation and independence — and this includes Ghana, which was the first to lead the road. Till today it can’t claim Africans in Ghana own the means of production,” he said.

Listen here:

The EFF has always advocated doing away with borders in Africa. According to the party, this will reap wider economic benefits for most African states and help improve co-operation among countries.