Four brilliant ways to distract yourself from the boredom of lockdown

26 April 2020 - 00:00
By , , rea nagel AND Andrea Nagel
Self-isolation presents the ideal opportunity to dance like no one's watching.
Image: 123RF/Dean Drobot Self-isolation presents the ideal opportunity to dance like no one's watching.

Everyone is dealing with the lockdown differently and while some are finding their groove running laps in the garden, others have chained themselves to their laptops in the vain hope of getting ahead (you won't). And then there are many who are watching Netflix or Showmax all night and sleeping until noon.

In the interest of finding some balance, here are a few great places to go when you're not at work (or bingeing on your latest series obsession). As the days start to blend together, you may find yourself looking for new ways to pass the time.


Can't quite get the hang of Tik Tok and feel a bit foolish copying Tik Tok star Charli D'Amelio's moves like your teenage daughter does? Why not try Just Dance? To access the moves, launch the Just Dance Now app on your smartphone, enter the room number at the top of the home page, then hold your device in your right hand and follow the dancers on the screen.


There's a wealth of travel inspiration on YouTube, such as Tourist2Townie, in which Gareth Leonard shares videos from his experiences living like a local in different countries for a few months at a time. He even does Samurai training in Kyoto, Japan.


The Duolingo app makes learning a new language fun and almost addictive by using multiple-choice answers and rewards for encouragement - although topping up skills with actual practice is encouraged.

Babbel is another option that's said to be more effective in practical situations, but less fun to "play" with.


Listening to something is the best way to spend your time while running laps around the yard, driveway or garden. These are two favourites: Bear Brook: a cold-case investigation following the decades-long mystery that led to a serial killer; and The Ballad of Billy Balls. Billy was shot five times in his own bedroom, and his body inexplicably sent to an anonymous mass grave. His lover's daughter tries to get to the bottom of the mystery.