Here's where you can see Inxeba a day earlier than its official cinema return

07 March 2018 - 13:25
By Kyle Zeeman
Inxeba returns to mainstream cinemas on Friday.
Image: Supplied Inxeba returns to mainstream cinemas on Friday.

The creators of controversial film Inxeba (The Wound) are expecting loads of bums on seats this coming weekend when the movie makes its way back to cinemas, but if you can't wait that long we've got the scoop on how to see it one day earlier.

If you don't mind ditching the popcorn and slushies for pizza and some wine, the film is being screened from Thursday at The Bioscope in the Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg.

The cinema's co-owner Russell Grant told TshisaLIVE he was on the phone with the film's distributor from the moment he heard the movie could be shown again in cinemas, wanting to bring it back to the venue.

"We requested a copy of the film to show and the moment that comes in, we are going ahead with screenings. We have set our first show for Thursday. The response has been amazing and has done particularly well for us. We wanted the film way before the controversy reared its (ugly) head. It is the perfect film for our target audience and we have seen that in the number of sold out shows we got during our initial run of the film last month." 

He anticipated that the film would do just as well this time around.

"Look, we are not wanting to capitalise on the controversy but we are making people aware that we are showing the film and this is an opportunity or window in which to watch it while it is available."

The film, about a gay factory worker who supervises a Xhosa initiation ceremony, attracted protests when it was first released to cinemas last month. The Bioscope had to postpone its opening night after threats of violence from protestors but Russell said he was not too concerned about protests stopping screenings this time around.

"We didn't have any issues after the opening night and I don't think we are anticipating any in the weeks to come. We will, as always, be vigilant but we have centre security and we are not hiding so we aren't rushing to put extra safety measures in place."

The film was banned from cinemas last month after a Film and Television Appeals Tribunal put Inxeba in the same category as hardcore porn, with a X18 rating. The rating meant that the only way you could watch the film legally was by watching it in adult premises like sex shops.

That rating was put on ice on Tuesday when the High Court in Pretoria agreed to a decision to drop the X and make it available in cinemas until the matter was heard again on March 28.

One of the film’s producers, Batana Vundla told TshisaLIVE his team would spend the next few weeks promoting the film and encouraging as many people as possible to watch it. 

"Right now is about celebrating the film returning to cinemas and hopefully having more discussions around it and the themes it brought. We will spend the next few weeks trying to amplify the debate.”