WATCH | Mshoza: Don't text me if your bank account has less than a million in it!

13 June 2019 - 11:47
Mshoza posted a video on Instagram that set tongues wagging.
Image: Instagram/Mshoza Mshoza posted a video on Instagram that set tongues wagging.

A video of Mshoza warning potential suitors not to bother texting her if they have less than a million in their accounts has gone viral.

Mshoza posted the video on Twitter asking men to "check" themselves before they thought about proposing love or a relationship to her.

She explained that her naked body alone was worth a cool half a million and, therefore, anybody who asked her out needed to know that she was expecting to be treated like the expensive queen she is.

"Guys, with all respect guys. Don't just randomly ask people out without first checking if they are on the same standard," she began.

"You can't come to me honestly and expect that you will give me R5,000 as a girlfriend allowance. I mean, my monthly face cream alone is R6,000. So you can't think that you are going to walk around telling people that I'm your woman when you give me R5,000. No. Please think about it," she lectured.

Listen to Mshoza wilding out below.

The video resulted in Mshoza topping the trends list and the reactions were hilarious!