Felicia Mabuza-Suttle on the mend after health scare

18 June 2019 - 06:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Felicia Mabuza-Suttle was hospitalised recently.
Image: Twitter/Felicia Mabuza-Suttle Felicia Mabuza-Suttle was hospitalised recently.

Legendary TV presenter Felicia Mabuza-Suttle is on the mend after a recent health scare.

Although she did not reveal the reason for her admission to hospital, she took to social media shortly after her birthday earlier this month to thank her dear friend, Selma, for being by her side for "close to 8 hours" as she received treatment.

"Thank you, Selma. When you should be spending your day off doing something more exciting than sitting by a hospital bedside for close to 8 hours caring for me."

Ma Felicia remained hopeful throughout her hospitalisation, thanking fans for their support and prayers.

The good news is that she has been given a clean bill of health and is already back on the dance floor, doing what she loves.

She revealed that the health scare was a "false alarm" and said she was grateful to be back. She also shared her relief that it "turned out good".

"I had a little health scare. False alarm. Thank the Lord. The doctor gave me a clean bill of health and told me to go and cha cha again! 😂" she wrote, next to a picture of her in a dance studio.

She was soon flooded with messages from close friends and fans, who expressed relief at the news.  

Veteran musician and actress Yvonne Chaka Chaka also shared her love, sending Felicia a message reading: "Happy all is well, sisi. Keep dancing, girl."