'She's fully in control of her choices' — Ayanda Borotho draws strength from her 'Isibaya' character

28 August 2020 - 18:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Ayanda Borotho has praised her character on 'Isibaya'.
Image: Instagram/ Ayanda Borotho Ayanda Borotho has praised her character on 'Isibaya'.

It is often said that life inspires art, but in the case of Ayanda Borotho, her art has inspired her life.

The actress is known for her role as Phumelele on the hit drama series Isibaya, and took to social media this week to gush over her character's strength and resilience.

Phumelele has been going through the most ever since she separated from her husband, Mpiyakhe. She was accused of having an affair with Advocate Fenyang Molefenyane and was crucified by the Zungu family, and even her own brother, without evidence.

She left with little to her name and started all over again, finding comfort in Fenyang's support.

Posting a snap of her with actor Aubrey Poo, who plays Fenyang on the show, Ayanda said that she was inspired by her character's strength.

“Lalelani bahlali, isesheli siyalindiswa, especially after a painful separation. I'm so glad Phumelele didn't use Fenyang to numb her pain or replace what was broken. She entered into this relationship, complete and enough for herself,” she wrote.

She said that Fenyang was in Phumelele's life because she wanted him, not needed him, and that it was a lesson for all who were watching their relationship unfold.

“She chose him. She found him worthy of her once she knew her worth. This decision is all about her. She owns it. She is fully in control of her choices. No family obligation, no cultural expectations and certainly no societal BS. Big difference. That's power,” she added.

Ayanda has always been about empowering women and motivating them to embrace their full worth.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE recently, Ayanda said she penned her best-selling book Unbecoming To Become, to cast off the shackles of her own struggles, and in turn inspired many others.

“I knew that there were many women who felt the way I felt and had walked the journey I had walked, but I didn’t realise that taking shackles off from myself and taking off everything that took away from everything I genuinely was, would inspire so many women.

“It really was just me speaking my truth about what I saw in society but I also didn’t say women were ready to have these type of conversations which is why I didn’t say it would catch as much fire as it did.”