BMWs, awards & boxing match: Inside Prince Kaybee and Naak MusiQ's twar

21 September 2020 - 15:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
Another round of shots! Inside Prince Kaybee and Naak MusiQ's Twitter war.
Image: Instagram Another round of shots! Inside Prince Kaybee and Naak MusiQ's Twitter war.

It seems like TL rabble-rouser Prince Kaybee didn’t rest this past weekend after his full-blown war with Anga Makhubalo, aka Naak MusiQ, and Twitter couldn’t resist joining in the shenanigans.

There are two things we trust musician Prince Kaybee to deliver on: Hits on the charts and Twitter clap backs for days.

Over the weekend, a fight between Kaybee and Naak MusiQ ensued after the Hosh hitmaker aired his views about German engineering.

 *Ding, ding, ding* Round 1:

“BMW engineering is k*k like k*k musiq,” tweeted Prince Kaybee.

Naak MusiQ replied swiftly, and definitely was not happy with the way Kaybee rhymed his name. The star clapped back, addressing the matter at hand.

Round 2:

“This coming from a guy who CAME TO ME and told me how much it would mean to him for me to be on his songs. TWICE!

“I’m seriously sick of this. I’m honestly going to stuff you up. Uphaphiswa zezi awards for songs that were produced by other people and this new money of yours. I'll kick your a** dog!” replied Naak MusiQ.

If you think it ended there, get your popcorn out because the show's just about to get  better! Prince Kaybee brought the heat, hitting back at his fellow artist.

Round 3:

“You don’t want to do this, but since you started your career before me but you have achieved less, it was fitting at that time. Second, you wouldn’t dare race me. My cars are modified, yours are still stock. Lastly when you see me do what you need to do,” said Kaybee.

Tweeps reacted to Prince Kaybee’s comments and the whole debacle, with many finding his reaction distasteful.

Here are a few thoughts from Twitter:

Sometimes these fights get out of hand, but who doesn’t like piping hot tea?