Nasty C hits back at criticism of his girlfriend: 'This woman is my backbone'

29 September 2020 - 10:20
By chrizelda kekana AND Chrizelda Kekana
Sammie and Nasty C have been together since high school.
Image: Instagram/SammieHeavens Sammie and Nasty C have been together since high school.

Rapper Nasty C has shut down a troll who trash-talked his girlfriend Sammie, making it clear that she isn't touched by fame-hungry trolls.

It all started when a vlogger attacked Nasty C's girl and her character. He started off by labelling Sammie a “gold digger” and a “natural born failure”. He added that she had "achieved absolutely nothing in life" and asked what she had to offer.

Nasty C hit back, posting a picture of himself with Sammie, alongside the caption: “Of course she’s nasty. I taught her that stupid. This woman (is) my backbone.”

Nasty C began trending as soon as the video clip caught fire on the TL, but he wasn't phased by the dude spewing nonsense about his girl.

He made sure the vlogger, and everybody who thinks like him, know that he and his entourage have a thick skin.

“I’m Nasty f**king C, everybody around me got thick skin. y’all boring me.”

Even Cassper was left disgusted by the vlogger and told the haters to back off.

Just say you want to be Nasty C's girl. You don't have to disrespect the poor girl like that" Cassper replied to the guy's video.

He said he didn't understand how one could trash talk a person they don't even know.

Sick bro! I do not understand how another man sits on his computer to disrespect another man's woman just for him to get likes and RTs."