Prince Kaybee: I’d rather sacrifice my international dream for African progress

30 March 2021 - 07:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
Prince Kaybee says local comes first during these difficult times.
Image: Instagram/Prince Kaybee Prince Kaybee says local comes first during these difficult times.

DJ Prince Kaybee has taken to social media to show his support for local artists during this unprecedented era, reminding fans Mzansi artists need their love without delay.

With SA talent wowing on the international main stage in Beyoncé's Black is King and Coming 2 America, Kaybee believes now more than ever local artists deserve support from their listeners.

While many stars are making the move to work with global artists, Prince Kaybee issued a friendly reminder on the TL that it is important to give back to local artists and not focus our attention purely on international talent.

The star said given his clout and influence, he is able to assist SA artists at the drop of a hat.

“I can’t be too focused on featuring overseas artists while my home has artists with no bread and I’m one guy who could change their lives by just calling them to studio,” he wrote.

He  emphasised the importance of supporting local.

“I’d rather sacrifice my international dream  for the African progress” Prince Kaybee tweeted.

Even though Prince Kaybee will do anything to assist SA artists, that doesn't mean they are free from his opinions and analysis.

The star took to social media last year to call out fellow DJ Black Coffee.

In a recent interview with Everything SA Music, The Hosh hitmaker got real about he felt about Black Coffee

“I've got this thing about me ... apparently it's being arrogant. I really need you to earn my respect from a very personal point. Respect and recognition are two different things. I can recognise you as the world's number one DJ but you can't force me to respect you,” Kaybee said.