WATCH | ‘Jub Jub in Matatiele’ has the internet in meltdown mode

26 April 2021 - 15:00
By kyle zeeman AND Kyle Zeeman
A video claiming to show Jub Jub chasing a man on a horse went viral over the weekend.
Image: Jub Jub/ Instagram A video claiming to show Jub Jub chasing a man on a horse went viral over the weekend.

It seems there is no running away from Jub Jub and his Uyajola gang, even on horseback.

The star found himself on the Twitter trends list again this past weekend when a video of what appears to be the star and his TV crew chasing a man on a horse went viral.

In the video the man who resembles Jub Jub, dressed in white, is seen confronting a man, who makes a quick exit on horseback.

The host was not about to take the L and ran after the man, with film crew in tow.

Just as many thought it might be a lost cause, the horse threw its rider off its back.

The video does not show what became of the man, but the internet was filled with suggestions and hilarious comments on the incident.

The show, which is based on the hit American reality show Cheaters, went on a production break late last year, with filming possibly under way for a new season in a few weeks’ time.

The series, which sees Jub Jub help people confront their alleged cheating partners, has sparked controversy since it debuted in 2019.

A petition was started weeks after it first aired, demanding it be cancelled.

“This show violates our privacy. It destroys families and lives in general. Sign this petition to have it taken down from our TV,” wrote the petition’s creator Kholofelo Masha. 

Reasons given for signing the petition included fears for the safety of those exposed and requests to “jola in peace”.

Jub Jub was also criticised for labelling Xhosa people as promiscuous in a promotional clip for the series, and channel Moja Love for  “making money off black pain and humiliation”.

Producers fiercely denied all claims, including that the show is staged and participants are paid to appear on it.