Sean Pages sets the record straight on his fallout with rapper Maggz

18 September 2021 - 14:00
By Joy Mphande
Sean Pages slams Maggz's claims that he notified him about his exit from Glitz Gang via social media.
Image: twitter/Sean Pages Sean Pages slams Maggz's claims that he notified him about his exit from Glitz Gang via social media.

Sean Pages has responded to Maggz Mabugabane's claims of how he exited the former hip hop group Glitz Gang.

This comes after Maggz' recent interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG where he mentioned that he only found out that he was leaving the hip hop group through social media.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Sean Pages set the record straight recounting how he sent everyone in the group a text message and said Maggz and L Tido personally made contact with him to convince him to stay.

“I know my nigga sometimes forgets a few small details. So to correct Maggz story: I actually sent everyone a text 3 days before I announced my departure with the crew. 

“Maggz was even the first one to call me telling me he knows how stubborn so pointless to convince me otherwise and just wished me luck [sic]. Tido called right after that telling me how radical I can get with my decision and that I should sit on it. Rell was living with me so he just wished me luck Naye,” he wrote.

Sean went on to add that “third parties” were responsible for their fallout because they interfered in their relationship.

“Too much happened between us. Also a lot of third parties came and stuck wedges between us (divide and conquer). That piece of magic we had, they wanted it for themselves, and its hard to admit that they won. And slowly everyone started thinking for themselves only and not the movement.”

Though Sean says their recollections of what transpired between the group might be different, he still wished Maggz all the best in whatever he does.

“All of us have our own versions/reasons. And we'll be the good guy in one story and a villain on the other. But at the end of the day what's done is done. And even though I'm not on talking terms with [all] of the members, I always wish him nothing but the best.”