Lady Zamar pities her social media trolls, says all she sees is 'hurt people'

08 February 2023 - 13:00
By Joy Mphande
Lady Zamar on how she handles cyber bullies.
Image: Veli Nhlapo Lady Zamar on how she handles cyber bullies.

Lady Zamar says she has compassion for trolls who drag her on social media. 

After the release of Sjava's album Isibuko, the singer found her name trending, with many insulting her and calling her a liar. 

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Lady Zamar said she was no longer fazed by cyber bullies because she understands that hurt people hurt other people.

“Every time someone is mean to me on social media because of rumours, gossip or slander they heard, I feel sad for them. I know their intentions are to hurt me but what I see are people who are hurting, who don’t have enough love and compassion. It’s heartbreaking,” she wrote. 

Lady Zamar has shot up the trends list on social media many times with tweeps questioning her sense of style, criticising her skin and bashing her for her relationships and rape allegations against Afro-pop star Sjava.

Previously, speaking to TshisaLIVE, Lady Zamar said she took a social media hiatus when it became too much for her. 

“Twitter can be a toxic place, it can be violent and cause a lot of people to get depressed, anxious or commit suicide, but because I love the app I wanted people who look up to me to have a space where I am and give them things that could possibly benefit them.

“I sat back and thought this could have been avoided had I said 'no' a little louder, or done something. It could've been avoided but it wasn't, because we're all doing this life thing for the first time. I'm doing life for the first time and I had to accept I made mistakes. What other people have done is not on me but I'm responsible for my life.”

As an outspoken person, Lady Zamar says her first reaction to social media trolls is to try to defend herself, but through her support system and therapy she's learnt to cope with it.

“My family and the God I serve was my support system and lots of therapy, every type of therapy,” she said.

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