‘Kiernan would never allow this f*cker to clown him like this’ — Yanga Chief slams Nota’s conspiracies

13 February 2023 - 19:30
By Joy Mphande
 Yanga Chief defends his friend, AKA.
Image: Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape Yanga Chief defends his friend, AKA.

Rapper Yanga Chief has lambasted Nota Baloyi for spreading conspiracy theories surrounding the death of rapper AKA. 

Kiernan “AKA” Forbes was gunned down outside a popular restaurant in Durban on Friday evening in a shooting that also resulted in the death of his lifelong friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, a chef and author.

While the pair’s death is still under investigation, many on social media have been speculating on who ordered the hit. 

Nota has been alleging AKA was taken to Durban for him to be shot at and pinned former Dream Team member Lusasa “Saso” Ngcobo, Don Design, DJ Benny Maverick and other men he was last seen with, as suspects.  

In a series of Twitter posts, Yanga Chief slammed Nota for spreading conspiracies on social media, saying it was taking away attention from “the real killers”.

You’re not gonna push some narrative that AKA was some kind of fool who was betrayed by his friends just so you can feel better about being an out and out hater while he was still breathing! You are the enemy Ms**u! We don’t f*ck with you! Bozo! Neither did Forbes!!!” he wrote. 

“Now you want to destroy the love of people Forbes cared about over some likes. Mother f*ck you are a heartless piece of shit! Noba ungathini we will never f*ck with you!!”

Yanga Chief's Twitter post.
Image: Twitter Yanga Chief's Twitter post.