Sbu Noah reflects on his healing journey since losing his mother.
Image: Instagram/ Sbu Noah
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After Sbu Noah's mother passed away in February this year, the gospel star says he has been on a journey of healing and to find himself again.

"When I lost my mother I couldn't pray, which is strange for me because I lost my dad and I could pray in the midst of the pain but for the first time I was mute. I was shutting everyone down, I didn't want to talk. All I could do was sing or listen to music," he told TshisaLIVE.

Sbu said he's been doing therapy sessions as often as he's needed to because he had to adjust to not having his mother around.

"It's been hard. It's taken a while to get back into the swing of things. There's a lot that I have to readjust on. As Christians sometimes it's sad because we like to act strong. I got the professional help I needed."

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The singer said he had to find purpose again after losing his mother because all his life he had been working hard to afford her a better life.

"One of the reasons I broke down the way I did was that my mom was my everything. The reason I wanted to succeed was because of her. She was a single parent [and] she raised me the best way she could so I wanted to do right by her. When I lost her I kind of lost purpose because she was my purpose. I had to really find another reason to look forward to life,"

It hasn't been easy though, he admitted. Hearing music he created for her and getting used to not having her around were challenges he said he still needs to journey through.

"I still have moments where I break down, especially when I hear her songs. But ultimately I'm glad I was able to pay tribute to her while she was alive with Medley Ka Ma' on my album, the fact that she was there to experience all of that."

Sbu said he is grateful to have a support system that can help him through his healing journey and he has redefined his purpose to live for God.

"More than anything I got the support I needed from friends. For me what stuck out was the people around me. I'm blessed with a great support system. I think God speaks in mysterious ways and there was a point where I needed to know where to go, and it was clear He wanted me to focus on Him."

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