Mohale Motaung opens about his marriage to media personality Somizi Mhlongo and what led to their divorce.
Image: Austin Malema via Showmax
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Reality TV star and media personality Mohale Motaung has broken his silence about his marriage and divorce from Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo after a fallout laced with abuse allegations.

This is in the premiere of the long-awaited sit-down interview between Mohale and Aldrin Sampear on Showmax Original Mohale: On the Record.  

These are some of the most interesting quotes from the interview:

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Rumours that Mohale wants 50% of Somizi's estate:

For months Mohale has ben laughing off claims that he is fighting to obtain half of Somizi Mhlongo's estate.

In the interview, he damned the claims with legal documents as proof as they settle their divorce.

“I was shocked yet again when I was told that he says I want 50% of his assets. The very first letter we sent to Somizi on 25th of June 2021 stated that I want my clothing, I wanted the car which he bashed, I want the money for the wedding, which belongs to the both of us and that was it.

“His response to the letter that we sent out to him, that he sent back to us ... he's the one who suggested that we go for division of joint estate.”

Mohale Motaung's divorce documents sent to Somizi Mhlongo.
Image: Showmax
Mohale Motaung's divorce documents sent to Somizi Mhlongo.
Image: Showmax

Why Somizi is no longer friends with Thato “TT” Mbah:

“The reason Somizi and TT Mbah are not talking is because I lost out on work because Somizi asked TT to speak to certain people and told them not to hire me ... it was very hurtful that my husband and his best friend cooked up a story to make sure that I don’t get that gig.

“He denied to the people but he told me the truth. He told me that he went and told TT Mbah to speak to the Fergusons because he was close to them.”

TshisaLIVE reached out to TT Mbah for comment and he confirmed he was no longer friends with Somizi, but would rather consult his legal team before addressing Mohale's claims.

“I've been quiet about this. I've distanced myself from whatever has been going on between the two of them and I'd like to keep it that way and not comment, but I did see what he said about me.”

Somizi asked Mohale to leave his job:

Mohale revealed that three months into their relationship Somizi asked him to leave his full-time job, and that him doing work in the entertainment industry “upsets him”.

“Without my knowledge, Somizi sent an email to my boss asking her that she release me to go to Paris ... He told me I need to resign.

“He really wanted me to be a house-husband, that was his biggest dream. When I didn't allow myself to be in that position ... a lot of things started really not really being OK in that relationship.”


Mohale admitted he cheated on Somizi three months into their relationship, but it was not something he was proud of. 

“We were three months into the relationship ... It was just me being selfish.”

Reacting to Somizi's daughter, Bahumi's claims — expressed on Living The Dream with Somizi — that he was a fan of the media personality when they met, Mohale said he never wished to gain fame from their relationship but instead wanted them to be private. 

“I didn’t want the relationship to go public, but he insisted that we post a picture together and he wanted to announce our relationship to the world.

“Somizi had everything figured out in his life. From his career to his personal life, to whatever he wanted to achieve ... the only missing puzzle in his life was marriage. He wanted to do whatever it took to make sure that the puzzle [was] perfect and complete.”


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