Mohale Motaung spoke about alleged domestic abuse and how his family reacted.
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Mohale Motaung admits he's been overwhelmed with mixed emotions since finally speaking up about what transpired in his relationship with his estranged husband Somizi Mhlongo

We spoke to the media personality and reality TV star after the premierre of his tell-all on Showmax Original, Mohale: On the Record.  

“The most important thing for me was for me to tell my story in a way I see fit.

“There were obviously a lot of misconceptions and they have been there for a lot of years. The last straw was when someone decided to go on a reality show and say things that were not true about me. That encouraged me to shed light on domestic violence in queer relationships My only thing was to rectify things that were said about me.” 

Images of the bruises he sustained after the abuse he alleged he suffered at the hands of Somizi have surfaced on social media. He confirmed to TshisaLIVE he is  the person in the images and said he had no idea how they suddenly resurfaced. 

Images of Mohale Motaung after the abuse he alleged he suffered at the hands of his estranged husband.
Image: Twitter
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He's received a lot of responses from people who have related to his story, which he says has been a way of healing for him since breaking his silence 

“It was a way of healing for me. I can move on with my life without holding onto the past,” he said.

Despite legal documents drawn up by their legal teams binding them from speaking about their separation, Mohale said he was encouraged to speak after he saw his estranged husband continuously mention his name on his reality show. 

“The things he discussed on his show were really damaging, emotionally and to my reputation, so I wanted to rectify those misconceptions. There were certain brands that distanced themselves from me.”

Speaking about their divorce, Mohale revealed Somizi was the first to file for divorce in January 2021. He said he left their marital home thereafter in February though he believed they would work things through as his then-partner had been promising. 

“The conversation was not to divorce. The conversation was to separate but I one day came home and security started telling me that I don't live there and I had questions.

“He told security they shouldn't let me in and that sort of pushed to us having a different conversation as to how he could kick me out of our marital home. I was really in love and it wasn't easy to pack up and go,”

His family members are riled up about the alleged the revelations about his former relationship 

“My sister knew about it. Every time something happened, she would go on social media ranting. They (his parents) were shocked that I didn't tell them this was happening but they wanted to speak to my estranged husband and find out what was going on, and more than anything they kept  asking me if I'm fine and what I want to do.

“They didn't want to jump the gun and do things for me. It wasn't nice at all. My mom was very hurt. She still is,” he said.

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