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07 November 2017 - 18:27
By Taschica Pillay
A message in a bottle, written by a little girl, was found on Shelley Beach.
Image: SUPPLIED/FACEBOOK A message in a bottle, written by a little girl, was found on Shelley Beach.

A Cape Town architect is in search of 10-year-old girl after finding a message in a bottle on a KwaZulu-Natal beach.

Karien Trengove‚ who is on holiday in Durban‚ was taking a walk along Shelley Beach‚ on the south coast‚ when she made the surprising find.

"On Sunday we drove down the south coast for lunch. We were the only people on the beach when we saw this bottle and found the sweet note from a little girl. She didn't put contact details so we don't know how to let her know that someone found her note. It gave us such a thrill to find but decided to put it back in the sea hoping that someone else would find it‚" said Trengove.

The note read: "My name is Tegan. I live on a farm and I am ten years old. my birthday is on the 28th of September. I have two dogs and a friend her name is Kimberly. the year is 2017."

Trengove took to social media where she posted a picture of the bottle on the beach and of the note‚ which many people have shared on Facebook.

"As a kid I thought [of] doing the same thing but never did it. It is a romantic idea. It was a fun and unreal moment and a highlight of my day finding it. Imagine how happy she would be to know somebody found her cute message. She could have thrown it into the sea the day before or on her birthday. It would be nice to find her and ask her why she did it‚" said Trengove.

Trengove and her boyfriend‚ Darren Rodgers‚ will be sailing back to Cape Town on Wednesday evening.