'Krugersdorp Killers': Four articles you need to read

16 May 2019 - 07:49
By Unathi Nkanjeni
Marcel Steyn revealed gruesome details during her testimony on May 13 2019.
Image: TimesLIVE/Iavan Pijoos Marcel Steyn revealed gruesome details during her testimony on May 13 2019.

From demon cleansing to a love for knives and cult-like behaviour, the Krugersdorp murder trial is again in the spotlight.

This after the court appeal of Marcel Steyn, the youngest alleged member of the so-called "Krugersdorp Killers", was heard on Tuesday.

Here are four articles on the case:

The beginning

Police were called to a grisly murder scene in 2012 after Natacha Burger‚ 33‚ and her neighbour, Joyce Boonzaaier‚ 68‚ were found in a pool of blood.

A month later, Reginald Bendixen‚ 75, was hacked to death. Mikeila Valentine‚ 25, was murdered soon thereafter.

Mother had a hammer

Marcel Steyn told the South Gauteng High Court on Monday that they were instructed by Cecilia Steyn to murder Valentine because she was a "loose string".

It's alleged that Cecilia had arranged with Zak Valentine to murder his wife by giving her medication the night before. She said when they arrived at the house, they found Mikeila sleeping in bed.

Marcel told the court on Tuesday that she did not leave the group implicated in the Krugersdorp murders because she was afraid they would "get rid" of her.

"My mother said if I don't take part they will get rid of me like Mikeila," she said. 

"I was sure that they would kill me because they threatened my brother several times and they killed Mikeila. I would be no different."

Desperate attempt

Marcel said her mother Marinda Steyn's claim that she (Marcel) and Cecilia did not take part in the crimes was a "desperate" attempt to get them off the hook.

She said most of the testimony given by her mother had been false. Miranda has already been sentenced to 11 life terms for the killing spree.

Marcel has pleaded not guilty to the charges, insisting she did not kill anyone, but was present during some of the murders.

Pray or die

Marinda told the court that she looked one of her victims in the eyes, told her to pray and then stabbed her to death.

"I told her, 'pray, I am going to kill you now'. Then she started praying and then I killed her," she said.