Finance minister Tito Mboweni receives a warm reception as he joins Instagram

10 January 2020 - 10:34
By Cebelihle Bhengu
Finance minister Tito Mboweni has joined Instagram.
Image: ESA ALEXANDER/SUNDAY TIMES Finance minister Tito Mboweni has joined Instagram.

Finance minister Tito Mboweni has received a warm welcome on Instagram after creating his account on Thursday. The minister shared a link to his profile to ensure people did not get lost in the sea of fake social media accounts.

It isn't yet clear what kind of content the minister will share on the platform as he has so far shared two selfies. 

Last year Mboweni announced his decision to quit Twitter, saying it was an abusive platform.

“After a long thought process, I have decided not to do any original tweets any more.

“I might, just might, retweet (not endorsement). I came to the conclusion that Twitter is no longer about its original purpose, that is to create a networked society. It is now an abusive platform.”

Mboweni had made a name for himself as a lighthearted politician who enjoys sharing his home cooked meals, including bunny chow and his famous canned fish stews.

In December, he shared that his friends, including transport minister Fikile Mbalula and Rwandan president Paul Kagame, advised him against leaving the platform.

The minister announced his change of mind a few days later.