SA celebs' kids dish about their famous moms

10 May 2019 - 10:50
By Zola Zingithwa
Mome Mahlangu and her daughter, Khumo.
Image: Supplied Mome Mahlangu and her daughter, Khumo.

In honour of Mother's Day, we asked Kelly Khumalo and Mome Mahlangu's children to tell us more about their A-list moms.


Fashion designer, stylist and reality TV star Mome Mahlangu is married to funnyman Tol A$$ Mo and is mother to Khumo Mahlangu.

Khumo might only be five years old, but she's already a sassy and smart young lady, even demanding "a salad" to answer these questions about her mommy.

My mom's job is designing.

My mom is 35 years old.

My mom loves me because she loves me.

I love my mom because ­­­­­she’s the best mom on the entire Earth. Done!

The one thing I hear my mom say A LOT is you’re grounded, you’re grounded.

If my mom was a cartoon character, she'd be Raven or Lady Legasus from Teen Titans.

My mom is really good at making my favourite – egg and bacon.  

My mom is really bad at making those dumblings [dombolo/dumplings].

My mom gets cross when she says "go to your room, you’re grounded", cause I’m naughty sometimes.

When I’m not around, my mom does her work and has some tea and relaxes.

My mom likes to buy ice cream.


Musician Kelly Khumalo is mother to two beautiful children, her eight-year-old-son, Christian, and her five-year-old daughter, Thingo. 

Kelly Khumalo and her kids, Thingo and Christian.
Image: Supplied Kelly Khumalo and her kids, Thingo and Christian.

Our mom’s job is to love, take care of us and make people happy through her music.

Our mom says that a lady never tells her age and that she is old enough to be our mom. 

We love our mom because she’s a good mom, kind and strong.

Our mom loves us because we are her gifts from God.

The one thing we hear our mom say A LOT is "I love you".

If our mom was to be a cartoon character she would be Wonder Woman.

Our mom is really good at singing and cooking.

Our mom is bad at remembering to pack everything we need when we travel.

Our mom gets cross when we are being naughty and don’t listen to her.

When we're not around our mom, she calls us all the time.

Our mom likes to buy us clothes, toys and takes us to all the cool kiddies’ places.