If you use your smartphone for work, you’ll wish it had these great features

The HONOR Magic4 Pro is a powerhouse that’s practically tailor-made for busy professionals

22 June 2022 - 10:18
HONOR's recently released Magic4 Pro smartphone.
Image: Supplied/HONOR HONOR's recently released Magic4 Pro smartphone.

Busy professionals need devices that keep up with their workday pace, and for a lot of people their most essential device is a smartphone.

There are many reasons why it may be more convenient to use a smartphone instead of a laptop, such as being away from your desk, working in the field, or not wanting to sit down in front of a larger screen when a smaller, more portable one will do. 

If you use your smartphone for work, you need one that’s reliable, which is where HONOR’s recently launched premium smartphone, the HONOR Magic4 Pro, come in.

Slick and powerful, this device has unique features that are a huge bonus for business users. Here's a closer look at some of them:

Generous screen that guards against eye strain

Not only does the Magic4 Pro have a sizeable 6.81″ LPTO display, but the frame surrounding it is much slimmer than in previous generations of HONOR's Magic series of smartphones. This means there's a larger screen to make tasks such as reading and responding to emails easier and more enjoyable.

This display incorporates 1920Hz Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming technology —  a feature that's great for those who spend long hours in front of a screen as it minimises eye strain and provides a comfortable viewing experience, even in low light environments.

Ultra-long battery life and powerful wireless charging

The HONOR Magic4 Pro is powered by a large 4600mAh battery and includes a combination of Supercharge technologies to deliver an ultra-long battery life and all-day connectivity.

The first of these technologies is 100W Wired HONOR Supercharge, which allows you to juice your phone up to 100% charge in just 30 minutes. The second is 100W Wireless HONOR Supercharge, which powers the device up to a 60% charge in just 15 minutes. 

AI Privacy Call

In an industry first, the HONOR Magic4 Pro boasts an innovative AI Privacy Calling feature that prevents “sound leakage” to enhance the privacy of your phone calls.

The HONOR Magic4 Pro features AI Privacy Calling — an industry first designed to ensure phone calls aren't overheard.
Image: Supplied/HONOR The HONOR Magic4 Pro features AI Privacy Calling — an industry first designed to ensure phone calls aren't overheard.

This feature is powered by Directional Sound, a frequency division technology that adjusts the volume of the incoming audio to suit different environments, ensuring that even if you are in a quiet environment such as a lift or an office meeting, the people next to you won't be able to hear the caller’s voice, so there’s no need to stress about eavesdroppers.

Enhanced security features

The HONOR Magic4 Pro is equipped with an independent security chip, providing maximum security for passwords and biometrics such as fingerprints.

You can conveniently unlock your phone using the device’s fingerprint sensor or using the face ID feature. With the latter, the gadget’s 3D Depth Camera uses 3D face recognition biometrics to provide a high level of security and protection.

Seamless file sharing across devices

HONOR's Magic UI 6.0 operating system has broken down the barriers between Android and Windows devices when it comes to file transfers. This means you can seamlessly share files among supported HONOR devices, including smartphones such as Magic4 Pro, tablets and laptops.

For more information about the HONOR Magic4 Pro, visit Hihonor.com/za

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