'Tshepo Jeans is ready for world domination' after Meghan Markle purchase

02 October 2019 - 07:18
By Cebelihle Bhengu
Tshepo Mohlala of Tshepo the Jean Maker gifted Meghan Markle with dungarees for baby Archie.
Image: Instagram/@Tshepothejeanmaker Tshepo Mohlala of Tshepo the Jean Maker gifted Meghan Markle with dungarees for baby Archie.

Tshepo Mohlala of Tshepo the Jean Maker is highly optimistic about the direction of his business after rendering his services to the Duchess of Sussex. Asked by TimesLIVE what making a pair of jeans for Meghan Markle and dungarees for baby Archie meant, his answer was simply "world domination".

Four weeks ago he received a call from the British embassy, requesting an order for a pair of jeans for Meghan. He admitted that he initially did not realise who Meghan was and after it dawned that she was the Duchess of Sussex, he thought colleagues were pulling a prank on him.

It took Tshepo five days to finish Meghan's pair of jeans, and a day to finish Archie's dungarees. He said as soon as the fabric arrived from Mauritius, he got straight to work.

Tshepo could have easily missed the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the Duchess as the orders were supposed to be delivered. He said that being unable to do the delivery was a blessing in disguise as she ended up collecting the clothes at Victoria Yards in Lorentzville, Johannesburg, personally.

"She was so excited to come into the studio, she was excited to meet the team and her eyes popped when she saw Archie's jeans. I saw a mother who loves her child."

He said his business journey has been exciting although he has his highs and lows, like any other business. He is working towards more visibility for Tshepo the Jean Maker and will be launching various ranges to make this happen.

"I always knew this day would come, although I didn't expect it yesterday. My grandmother once told me 'foreigners will rebuild your walls, and their kings will serve you'," he said, referring to the Meghan's support.