I didn’t give my natural hair enough credit, confesses Boity Thulo

The rapper shares what she's learnt through experimenting with styles that 'hero' rather than 'hide' her glorious crown

08 October 2020 - 18:13
By Toni Jaye Singer
'Moisture was the key to a happy relationship with my hair,' says rapper Boity Thulo.
Image: Halo Heritage 'Moisture was the key to a happy relationship with my hair,' says rapper Boity Thulo.

“I recently did a shoot for a magazine cover using my natural hair. That picture was so incredible I actually wanted to frame it,” shares rapper Boity Thulo.

“I looked my best and I was completely me, which felt good.”

Seeing that shot made the celeb realise that she didn’t give her natural hair “enough credit or enough time to shine on its own”.

“For quite some time I’ve been wigging it out. As much as I take care of my hair underneath, I don’t show it enough,” Thulo confesses.

That’s why she recently decided to experiment with different styles that don’t “hide” her natural crown, but hero it.

She says doing so has changed her relationship with her hair.

“The relationship has definitely grown into something more loving — a more mutual relationship. When I say mutual it’s because there was a time when my hair was there for me and I just covered it up.

“I don’t do that as much any more. Now we are in public together — I’m no longer ashamed of ‘her’. We now have a full-on relationship. People have seen us together and love the idea of us”.

Here, Thulo shares some of the lessons she’s learnt over the course of her hair journey, which has been documented in the online series, The Halo Heritage Hair Diaries:


Some think long straight hair is healthy, but hair can be short, coiled, straight or whatever. If it is a full body of hair that is well moisturised, that is healthy hair.


We tend to neglect our hair when it’s in a protective style or covered by a wig. I’ve learnt to give it all the love and attention and moisture it needs and deserves; and to do more research to better understand what it actually takes to take care of my hair, as opposed to counting on the fact that I’m going to cover it up.

When I started to love my hair, I started to see the love in my hair
Rapper Boity Thulo

I needed to put in the effort to see what it likes, what it doesn’t like, what works for it and so on, rather than just relying on protective hairstyles, or assuming it would be too difficult to take care of. Because that is the narrative. We believe that it’s so hard, it’s so much work — but it’s your hair, so you have to put in the effort.

When I started to love my hair, I started to see the love in my hair.


Moisture was the key to a happy relationship with my hair. Make sure you are using premium products with ingredients that moisturise your hair and scalp.


Don’t be afraid to wash your hair for fear of drying it out. You should be washing your hair regularly — at least once a week to once every 10 days, depending on your hair type.

If you use the right shampoo and conditioner and treatments, your hair will not dry out but rather be more nourished and manageable.