Vuyo Dabula on how new SA western is giving the African child a new hero

09 March 2018 - 08:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Vuyo Dabula plays the role of an outlaw in Five Fingers of Marseilles.
Image: Via Vuyo's Instagram Vuyo Dabula plays the role of an outlaw in Five Fingers of Marseilles.

Vuyo Dabula spent several gruelling weeks in a small town near Aliwal North filming a South African Western he believes will give the African child a new superhero.

The Generations: The Legacy actor plays the lead role in Five Fingers of Marseilles, a cowboy movie about an outlaw that returns home after 20 years on the run.

The film was screened at several international film festivals over the last year and got raving reviews. Critics hailed it as one of the most refreshing Westerns ever made and Vuyo told TshisaLIVE he was hoping the movie will make similar waves in South Africa. 

"The film is incredibly well written and brews slowly. It is unusual. So I think audiences will flock. What constitutes success is what they say about the production. Before the numbers, do people see it as something that can compete with international films? Then we have hit the mark."

Vuyo added that it was important for people to see themselves in the film.  

"Every time the day is saved, there is a white man saving the situation. (They are) superheroes everywhere. It is as if the Mohammed Ali's and Tupac's of this world are not enough. The real superheroes. It is as if the Michael Jackson's are not enough, that we have to tell the African child in fiction now that this is it. That we can kick ass. The Denzel (Washingtons) of this world are few. There needs to be more."

While they were shooting in the "wilderness" of South Africa, the cast and crew of the film held acting workshops for local kids in the area. Vuyo said he hoped that both those classes and the film would inspire young actors to reach for their dreams and break boundaries in the future.

Five Fingers of Marseilles opens in cinemas on April 6 and stars Jerry Mofokeng, Warren Masemola, Kenneth Nkosi and Hamilton Dlamini. You have got to go see it!