Social media defeated by stokvel thieves on CheckPoint

30 January 2019 - 09:53
By Kyle Zeeman
Criminals are targeting stokvels.
Image: 123RF/123RF Premium Criminals are targeting stokvels.

Former president Jacob Zuma claims that life was better under his presidency but try to tell that to a group of women who have long been terrorised by a gang that have been coming for their stokvel.

The women appeared on eNCA's investigative show CheckPoint on Tuesday to share their heartbreaking story.

According to the show Stokvels bring in serious cash, with some estimates as high as R50-billion annually.

So it is little wonder that criminals have been making it the centre of their attention.

They terrorise and rob these groups, leading to many having to hire security to protect the money they bring in.

It is like the wild west out there.

Viewers of the show rushed to social media to give their thoughts on the episode with many questioning why banks weren't helping make the process of stokvel collection and distribution safer.