DJ Zinhle: I don't care what people say about my private life, I'm here to inspire

DJ Zinhle joins AKA and others as SAE music mentor...

31 January 2019 - 07:00
By Kyle Zeeman
DJ Zinhle is not bothered by what people say.
Image: DJ Zinhle/Instagram DJ Zinhle is not bothered by what people say.

While her private life may be the topic of conversations, DJ Zinhle says she doesn't pay attention to what people have to say, she just wants to focus on her family and inspiring the next generation of female DJs.

Zinhle nearly shut down social media recently when it appeared that she was on vacay with her baby daddy AKA, after a public split three years ago.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE Zinhle said she had far more important things to worry about than what people think of her private life.

"I'm really not concerned about public opinions. I feel like I am in an industry where my work and his (AKA's) work speak for themselves. But it is really how much you let people into your personal space and how you let it affect you. I have learnt to really not let it affect me.

"I was at my cousin's funeral over the weekend and it got me thinking about what is important in life. In the face of death, does the things we worry about really matter? I am now in a space where I am selective of what really bothers me."

One of the things that does concern Zinhle is the plight of young female artists in the industry.

The DJ has been #OpeningUpTheIndustry for the last ten years through her DJ academy but was recently announced as a scholarship patron of the SAE Institute. The organisation partners with Bridges for Music to offer scholarships for deserving disadvantaged students, who want to study audio at the school.

Zinhle said that with her new role she wanted to focus on developing young female musicians.

"Growing the amount of female artists in the industry is something I have been passionate about for a long time and even when I was told about the scholarships, I insisted that my candidate be a female candidate.

"Being patrons along such big names shows that females can share the stage with their male counterparts. It shows that we are playing our own roles in our own way and getting the recognition we deserve."