Lexi Van gets real about motherhood, talks boob slips & priorities

28 May 2019 - 13:00
The reality TV star has been sharing the realest moments of motherhood.
Image: Instagram/Lexi Van The reality TV star has been sharing the realest moments of motherhood.

Instead of pretending to be Instagram-ready with her new mom life, Lexi Van has been sharing the realest moments of motherhood and she hasn't left out the boob slips or the fact that looking for comfortable clothes is a mission.

The new mother and Mandla Hlatshwayo's first bundle of joy arrived in April and Lexi has been taking to social media to share the interesting journey. On Instagram, she spoke about her most recent struggles.

"Oops! Moms, how often did you forget to slip your boob back in before getting out the car, going to the kitchen, making something to eat, changing baby, cleaning the house, going to the loo or simply when you fall asleep? Also the struggle of looking for comfy, accessible clothing to wear. My goodness!"

Lexi, who has opened up about accepting her new mommy body and new priorities, encouraged other new moms not to feel bad about the moments that make them feel like they have "let themselves go".

She said it's okay for priorities to change - something that she is learning on the daily.

"New moms, don't worry, it isn't a sign of disrespect or an attention seeking moment, it simply just happens, because your main priority is and will be your baby. It happens to me all the time. My new reality," she said.