Rouge slams scammer charging R5k to get artists 'signed'

28 August 2020 - 06:00
By kyle zeeman AND Kyle Zeeman
Actor and rapper Rouge was not here for the scam.
Image: Supplied Actor and rapper Rouge was not here for the scam.

Rouge has lambasted a con artist who allegedly charges aspiring artists R5,000 to link them up with a music label, claiming to have done the same for her and Priddy Ugly.

The muso was alerted to the scam by a follower who asked her if it was true, because the scammer had approached a friend of his with an offer to make him famous.

This dude is claiming he helped y'all get signed to these labels ... so I am reaching out to y'all, is this true?” he wrote.

He explained that there was a YouTube channel where the scammer posts videos of “artists they helped”. 

Rouge was shocked by the claims and responded by asking how much the man was charging.

When she was told R5,000 a pop, she slammed the scammer and said they were “taking advantage of the hungry artists”.

“Hectic and they charging R5k. Wow and I'm assuming they think we don't check such so just post on YouTube. Blow them up! They are taking advantage of the hungry artists,” she wrote.

The star has been a target for bullies trying to get clout from her name before. Last year she had to put a hater straight after he suggested that she would be buried by Nadia Nakai if they were to engage in a song battle.

“Fam, what do you gain from this? Should I break your dreams too? You look super young, this type of attitude won't get too far, fam. Nothing was said to you. This bullying sh*t doesn't win,” she told the hater.