Rouge speaks out about 'police harassment'

'He flashed his light on my thighs and asked why I wasn’t wearing long pants'

25 November 2019 - 13:01 By Masego Seemela
Rouge is upset with a police officer's alleged misconduct.
Rouge is upset with a police officer's alleged misconduct.
Image: Via Rouge's Instagram

Rouge was left feeling disrespected and disappointed when a Metro police officer allegedly made an inappropriate comment about the way she was dressed at a roadblock in Fourways, Johannesburg, on Sunday. 

“It was around midnight that I approached the roadblock. An officer stopped me and asked for my driver's licence, which I gave him. Just as he was about to return my licence, he flashed his flashlight on my thighs because he could see I was wearing shorts,” Rouge told TshisaLIVE.

“He then asked why I wasn't wearing long pants, considering I was driving alone late at night. Although he was being humorous, I still felt very uncomfortable about it.”

Rouge said this was not the first time she had experienced inappropriate behaviour from  a police officer. Earlier this year she had a similar experience in Tshwane, she said.

“The officer then also asked why I wasn't wearing long pants and driving alone late at night. But he wasn't speaking out of humour and had more on an off-ish note.”

Rouge said she was fed up with police officers treating her and other women in SA in this manner. 

When asked what motorists should do when faced with a situation such as hers, Johannesburg Metro Police senior superintendent Wayne Minnaar said: “She must report the incident immediately. That's total misconduct by the officer. She must contact 0800 203 713 on the JMPD internal affairs hotline. She doesn't need anything. She must just give them where the roadblock was and the time, and they'll investigate.” 

The rapper also took to Twitter to express her frustration and caution other women.