Black Coffee on making it big: I used to daydream about superstars visiting me & hanging out

31 August 2020 - 10:00
By Deepika Naidoo
DJ Black Coffee tells fans that dreams are free.
Image: Instagram/DJ Black Coffee DJ Black Coffee tells fans that dreams are free.

International sensation DJ Black Coffee opened up about realising his ambitions, telling fans that he once dreamed of hanging out with famous people at his favourite spots, as he does now, and it’s OK to dream big.

Black Coffee said he always dreamed of the life he lives today and told fans recently to never stop imagining because one day their dreams could come true.

The artist opened up about how he would daydream about hanging out with celebrities, and shared how it became a reality. 

β€œFunny how as a kid I use to constantly daydream about superstars visiting me and hanging out sitye isonka sombhako sikaMakhulu eMthatha. Wow guys, it’s OK to dream,” he wrote.

He also shared a video of him hanging out with US superstar Usher, showing him the sights and sounds of Pretoria.

He said his goal now was to provide a platform for other artists from the continent and help them achieve their dreams.

β€œMy dream is for every African child to get equal opportunities and rebuild this continent,” he explained.

He seems to be doing something right, because he shared a video of himself hanging out with a German friend who knew all about SA music.

Reflecting on his rise to fame in an interview with 947's DJ Fresh last year, Black Coffee admitted that earlier on in his career his feelings of not being worthy led to him sabotaging himself.

β€œI asked myself, 'Why me? Why am I here?' It used to hit me and I would find myself not wanting to wake up, missing flights. It was self-sabotaging. (You feel like) it is such an unreal dream, it is going to end. Let me end it. I will feel better if I end it myself. Let me have something to blame, and it is me.”

He added that it took a long time for him to acknowledge that he had earned his life because of his hard work.