Ouch! Kwesta hits back at hater: 'Save this tweet on your iClout'

24 October 2020 - 10:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
Kwesta schooled a tweep about the music industry.
Image: Via Kwesta Instagram/Banzworldwide Kwesta schooled a tweep about the music industry.

Musician Kwesta took to Twitter to clap back at a hater who was probs looking for clout on the TL by dragging the rapper. He told the troll to keep his opinions on the music industry saved on his "iclout" and off the TL.

SA musicians never catch a break on the Twitter streets! This week one troll attempted to celebrate his fave rapper, Yung Swiss, by shading AKA, Boity and Kwesta.

The tweep said SA artists have nothing to boast about if selling 20k units of music is considered an achievement. This in comparison to the recently awarded plaque that celebrated 180k units for the DJ Speedsta song Mayo which features Yung Swiss, Tellaman, Shane Eagle and Frank Casino.

Kwesta had an apt response for the Twitter user. He schooled a troll on Twitter about earning platinum and the daily battles musicians face in a sarcastic and scathing clap back.

“Eish. But also imagine how hard it is to get 20k free retweets? This tweet of yours deserves at least 80k retweets given the fact that the four  names you tagged went '20k plat' at LEAST once by selling sh*t people actually paid for and love! Save this tweet on your iClout. My 2c,” wrote Kwesta.

Twitter was in shambles after witnessing this take down of epic proportions.

Here are reactions from Tweeps who just couldn’t: