Jessica Nkosi says she prefers VNs and now fans wanna slide into her DMs!

07 November 2020 - 16:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
Actress Jessica Nkosi's comments on sending voice notes had tongues wagging.
Image: Jessica Nkosi/Instagram Actress Jessica Nkosi's comments on sending voice notes had tongues wagging.

Former Isibaya star and presenter Jessica Nkosi took to Twitter with her opinions on the best way to communicate and now tweeps want the star's number!

Sometimes we get too busy to text but an audio clip can do the job perfectly. Jessica took to Twitter this week to say that she prefers to communicate using voice notes rather than texting.

She also went on to say that keeping in contact can be so overwhelming that she just won't respond to the messages.

“I know some people hate voice notes but I seriously prefer them coz 90% of the time I can’t text back in that moment but I can quickly record a VN and send it. So please be prepared for a VN reply from me or I’ll actually never reply,” wrote Jessica.

The star went on to say that she experiences “replying anxiety” and it only gets worse from there.

“Like days will go by and I haven’t replied and then a week goes by and I’m too embarrassed to reply coz I took so long to reply initially And then it’s just downhill from there,” Jessica said.

After Jessica opened up about her preference for sending voice notes, Mzansi had their own opinions on texting vs audio.

Some of the replies were a little thirsty but all in the name of getting a personalised voice message from Jessica.

See for yourself:

Though she has humorous moments, Jessica has often had to defend herself against trolls.

Earlier this year, the star lambasted creepy tweeps who feel the need to comment on her posts.

“It’s actually so annoying when a person who doesn’t even follow you comments on your posts, futhy acommente umsuzo nje! First of all you’re a creep and get off my page. I block creeps who don’t follow me but still magically comment on my tweets,” tweeted Jessica.