LOL! Candice Modiselle says if you see her at the jol this festive season, don't ask questions!

20 November 2020 - 15:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
Candice Modiselle has made it clear, don't ask questions!
Image: Via Instagram Candice Modiselle has made it clear, don't ask questions!

Actress and presenter Candice Modiselle told fans that if you witness her in the streets this December, you never saw her!

The saying "whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" really applies to the December festive season when we ... let loose and enjoy the time we have off.

TV presenter Candice Modiselle took to Instagram this week with some advice for her fans when they see her out and about this holiday.

In her "honesty hour" posted to her story, the star had some choice words for fans. With everyone getting cabin fever and lockdown blues, it's time to pop them bottles and enjoy that Christmas heat.

Candice said that she has been after lockdown protocols the whole year and now wants to break free this summer.

“Guys, don't ask me questions in December when you see me at every single groove. Why? because a bender is looking very attractive right now.

"I have stayed home for the whole year. So if you see me everywhere in December, don't ask me questions. If it's a vacation, staycation, baecation, sistercation, I'm there. But, don't ask me questions,” said Candice.

Candice has had some other truly lol-worthy moments.

Earlier this year the star opened up about a dude who ghosted her five years ago reappearing out of the blue.

She commented on "the audacity" of the mystery man in question.

“A man that ghosted me five years ago reappeared in the comments section of my IG Live today, heart emojis and all. A man may have nothing but audacity — they don’t lack the liver,” said Candice.