Zikhona reflects on the pain of losing her father: Be patient with us who have lost in 2020

09 January 2021 - 12:00
By kyle zeeman AND Kyle Zeeman
Zikhona has opened up about her heartbreak.
Image: Via Zikhona's Instagram Zikhona has opened up about her heartbreak.

Actress Zikhona Sodlaka has urged her followers to be “patient” with those who lost loved ones in 2020, after revealing her own heartbreak at the death of her father.

The Igazi star, who last month revealed that she was expecting a baby, lost her father on Christmas Day. Taking to social media this week, Zikhona admitted that it took a while to admit to herself that he was gone.

“By some strength I can finally admit to myself that this did happen, my family and I have lost our father. Probably the most broken I will ever be!” she said of her loss.

Still, she thanked all those who had supported her and her family during the difficult times.

“We don't forget to say thank you even though inxebe lisopha. Enkosi to the families and friends that hold us in prayer.”

She said December 25 would now hold new meaning for her and asked for patience.

Pain is exhausting and demanding but it can have all the time it needs. Be patient with us who have lost in 2020. There is also something very peaceful about finally entering 2021. I hope it lasts.”

She urged her followers to make time for those who really cared for them and value the small things in life.

'This year, let's take more time for the ones who really love us. They are easy to know, easy to spot, those ones are the true treasures of life.”