WATCH | Kelly Khumalo to her future husband on having babies: ‘I am not ruining myself again’

06 February 2021 - 12:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
Kelly Khumalo isn't planning to have more children.
Image: Instagram/Kelly Khumalo Kelly Khumalo isn't planning to have more children.

After having cosmetic surgery, singer and media personality Kelly Khumalo doesn't see herself having more children.

In a video shared to Instagram, the star said after undergoing cosmetic surgical procedures like liposuction she's not “ruining herself” again.

“My future husband, you will have to settle for this. I am not ruining myself again. You will have to settle for the fact that I do not want more babies, If you want more, you're going to have money for me to buy another tummy and this time it will be tough,” Kelly said.

The reality TV star often speaks about what she wants in a future partner.

Speaking to Thami Dish about her love life, she opened up about how annoyed she is by her relationship experiences. She said based on her history, she has to do thorough background checks before getting into a relationship.

“It annoys me because I'm a normal person who has gone through difficulties as far as relationships are concerned. And I've decided to pull back and assess everything. I'm at the point where I can't just walk into a relationship. I need to be aware of who I am and who I am with before I can decide he is what I want,” wrote Kelly.