Shona Ferguson ain't here for ‘toxic’ gossipers

09 April 2021 - 13:00
By kyle zeeman AND Kyle Zeeman
Shona Ferguson has a PSA for all the toxics out there.
Image: Tshepo Kekana Shona Ferguson has a PSA for all the toxics out there.

Actor and producer Shona Ferguson has issued a stern public service announcement to those who like a good gossip sesh, warning that it will hurt their relationships and career.

Taking to Instagram this week, Shona shot off a lengthy sermon about the evils of spreading “lousy news”.

"Gossiping is toxic and harmful. Spreading lousy news and gossiping will only hurt your career,” he wrote.

He told his followers that they would encounter “a lot of people who are full of frustration, anger and disappointment and as soon as their negativity keeps on mounting, they look for a place to dump it”.

“If you let them, they’ll dump it on you. So stay away from such kind of negative people,” he added.

He also shot off a warning to gossipers, telling them to stop before someone gets hurt.

Shona added that he did not invest in opinions but got serious red flags when someone approached him with hot goss.

“I don’t trust people who repeat c**p they 'heard' from others, period. Why would someone be comfortable sharing negative BS with you in the first place!?

“If you are in their company and they are talking about me or mine, and you do not shut it down, you are worse than them and I do not want such people in my life,” he wrote, repeating that it was his opinion.

He next took aim at social media, claiming it has “made the culture of spreading rumours and gossip dangerously normal.”

“Retweeting or reposting hateful posts and liking mean-spirited content. People make fun of others' pain because for some very disturbing reason it gets them attention. Fact: successful, happy, healthy, wealthy, positive and confident people have no time to talk about others.

“They are too busy focusing on their own lives and spreading love.”

He followed up his advice with another message for men: telling them to pray for, respect and give their banking account access to the woman in their life.