SNAPS | The category is body! A look at Sarah Langa's Maldives getaway

14 October 2021 - 15:00
By Joy Mphande
Sarah Langa gives us a glimpse into her Maldives vacation.
Image: Instagram/ Sarah Langa Sarah Langa gives us a glimpse into her Maldives vacation.

Slits, shades and a banging bikini were the order of Sarah Langa's Maldives holiday. 

The social media influencer has recently been sharing snaps from her trip showcasing her banging bikini body while enjoying some down time in the sun.

“Beach days are the best days,” she captioned one of her snaps.

Take a look at the pictures below:

Sarah, who was previously married to Jehan Mackay, is one of the most popular South African influencers, who is infamous for her travel and luxurious content and continues to live her best life since her divorce in 2019.

The influencer answered one fan's question on her Instagram stories about her journey with divorce and got candid about the challenges she's experienced along the way. Sarah said she was “on a journey of self discovery and healing” and what better way to do that than to travel more.

“Divorce is not easy, it feels like losing a best friend. It’s like mourning a best friend’s death to you but also witnessing that same friend’s life through a window without you. The world punishes women for divorces and there’s still so much stigma attached to being a divorcee, you will lose all (of) your married friends, there’s this constant unwanted pity that follows you everywhere you go,” she wrote.